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Taking action

June 23rd, 2009 at 05:49 pm

I was getting stressed, so i stopped and look for answers, inside.

I started with some affirmations:

I have all the wisdom I need inside of me.
I am able to figure things out.
I know exactly what I need to do for the greater good of all concerned.

There are some actions I need to take, it is clear to me:

I need to follow up on my request for hardship, my next payment is July 16 and I need to be if I am still approved to do reduced payments. That is ok, it is just a phone call. It keeps things moving.

I need to deposit a couple of checks I received, the one for the car interests refund and the one from the insurance reimbursing me for towing expenses.

My insurance increased $5 and cents due to my car accident, that is ok, i will have plenty of money to absorb that increase. No worries. It is ok.

After that, I just need to keep on doing my tracking, consistently, easily, and everything falls into place.

I do not have to figure everything else right now, it will come.

I take charge of my finances on my own time, and it is perfect.

I enjoy taking care of my finances.
I find it easy to relax.
I am not haunted by the unknowns, I have now all the knowledge I need, now, in me.

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